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The best wellness Resorts in the world: Brilliant Resort and Spa

It will probably not surprise you when I tell you that we are completely away from everything that has to do with wellness & Spas. In time, a blog article will appear that puts our passion for this purest form of relaxing in the spotlight. We start with what we believe and according to the opinions of friends, acquaintances and guests of our website are the best wellness resorts in the world. Our list is of course subjective and if you have not yet missed any resorts in mind, feel free to share them through the comments. Sharing is caring and we are already looking forward to discover new Wellnesspareltjes.

Brilliant Resort and Spa

Brilliant Resort and Spa

Brilliant Resort and Spa

No better place to completely relax than in the country where yin and yang, Taichi and various forms of yoga have their origins. Add a touch of spa and natural splendor and you will know what to expect from the Brilliant Resort and Spa near the Chinese city of Chonqing. The brilliant Resort and Spa was built around hot springs and an adjoining 1600 year old temple complex. Imagine… the Jialing River in the background, blue water flowing through 3 gorges beneath you and a leaf canopy of emerald leafs that playfully move on the rhythm of the forest. You follow in the footsteps of many famous poets, philosophers, heads of state and renowned stars and you will find yourself in a resort that has already won several reputable prizes. This resort is just brilliant!

Salubrious hot springs at a stone’s throw away

No stay at the Brilliant Spa Boutique Hotel is complete without a visit to the North Hot Spring Park itself. This park is often referred to as the Pearl along the Jialing River, a name which is well-deserved and which is a perfect reflection of its stunning beauty. The park is situated on the Jinyun Mountain and although only 10 hectares, it are 10 hectares that you will never forget.

Brilliant Resort and Spa Hot Springs

Brilliant Resort and Spa Hot Springs

Beautiful temples, breath-taking gardens, mountain gorges, caves and sources… they all contribute to a unique temple complex that has been seducing guests, as well local ones as guests from abroad, for more than 2000 years. In total, 10 hot springs form the highlight of your holiday. With stable temperatures between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius and the presence of sulphate and alkali, the sources have a salubrious effect on your skin and your joints. For sure you want to stay and never go away!

Gastronomic goodness and therapeutic tranquility in its broadest sense

When the gong of the neighboring Yin temple sounds and the Darkness falls, the Brilliant Gourmet and the Jia Ling Xuan restaurant come to life. Gastronomic goodness prepared with local ingredients appear on your plate and are true works of art. Perfectly aligned with the values of this rustic resort attention is paid to a healthy approach. Afterwards you can enjoy your River View Villa even more with this satisfied stomach feeling. Take a seat and relax on the terrace of your own villa peering over the Jialing River and the adjoining forest. The building forms a harmonious combination with the surrounding nature and each window is decorated with a beautiful landscape scene. This is dreaming away in its broadest sense.

Brilliant Resort and Spa yoga

Brilliant Resort and Spa yoga

Let yourself be immersed in ancient Chinese therapies

A swim in the hot springs and afterwards relaxing in the River View Spa or the Brilliant spa. We can think of worse things to do during your well deserved holiday. The quiet, almost poetic environment penetrates deep inside the spa where Western aromatherapy and Oriental massages based on ancient Chinese medical secrets go hand in glove. The wellness experts will welcome you with open arms and are keen to provide you a personalized treatment which will balance your mind, body and soul.

Brilliant Resort & Spa

Northern Hot Spring Park, Chongqing City

Beibei District


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