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The best wellness Resorts in the world: Selman Marrakech

It will probably not surprise you when I tell you that we are completely astonished by everything that has to do with wellness & Spas. Time to write a blog article which clearly puts our passion for this purest form of relaxation in the spotlight. We start with what we believe and what our friends, acquaintances and guests of our website believe are the best wellness resorts in the world. Our list is of course subjective and if you believe we have missed some resorts in this list, feel free to share them through the comments. Sharing is caring and we are already looking forward to discover new Wellness pearls.

Commonly known as the most beautiful city of Morocco, Marrakech, is also the place where, according to many, the most beautiful hotel of this North African pearl is located. Located at the foot of the imposing Atlas Mountains, a Fata Morgana seems to have become a reality. An old terracotta palace, just a 10-minute walk from Marrakech centre, was transformed into a beautiful and luxurious hotel. Welcome to the Selman Hotel! Designed by Jacques Garcia and finished in detail by the best local artisans, the Selman seduces you with a timeless harmony of luxurious facilities, a touch of oriental flair and a warm hospitality of the Selman family.

Selman Marrakech Spa

Selman Marrakech Spa

A 5-star treatment in a fairy tale environment

At Selman, everything is about fulfilling your deepest wishes and providing the ultimate holiday. To achieve this, the hotel has many facilities and services that you have not even dared to imagine in your wildest dreams. Selman’s main swimming pool speaks for itself and is the perfect reflection of the majestic character of this hotel. As a catwalk over water, the Olympic-size swimming pool extends to the staircases of the renovated palace. Not only your back, feet and head but also your senses are pampered in the Henri Chenot Spa where a hammam, an extensive gym and various spa treatments are waiting for you. But the ultimate of the Selman is the presence of a renowned horse stable with 16 thoroughbred Arabian horses which from time to time pamper the guests with impressive and refined shows. Time nor money were saved to come to a sensational spectacle. Horse lovers, but also lovers of graceful shows combined with spectacular music won’t believe their eyes when seeing this equestrian beauty. Although riding lessons on the Arabian thoroughbreds are not possible, riding lessons are offered in a neighbouring horse riding school.

Marrakech Djemaa El Fna

Marrakech Djemaa El Fna

Marrakech… the city of thousand and one nights

Within walking distance, a visit to Marrakech should always be part of your holiday. Marrakech is a city that always plays with your imagination; A thousand-year-old royal City where storytellers, acrobats and fortunetellers continuously take you into Oriental atmospheres and where salesmen of all kind wander through the labyrinth of lanes while minarets are popping out of nowhere. It is a place where time has stood still and where sights such as the Jemaa El Fna Square, the Saadi tombs and the Bahi Palace take you into thousand-and-One Nights fairy tale stories. Medinas and souks on their turn are a pleasure to the shopping heart… A day of Marrakech brings you into contact with the best Morocco and the North African culture has to offer.

Dining like a sultan in the Selman and Pavillion Restaurant

The Selman Restaurant combines a cavernous, charcoal grey banquet hall with the charm of a prestigious house of the Caliph. The view of the garden is breathtaking and with the heavy purple curtains, the gold-decorated candlesticks and the lavishly filled banquets you imagine yourself being the Sultan himself. The kitchen serves its guests varied menus ranging from traditional pastillas and tajines over lobster to delicious fillets. In addition to the Selman restaurant, there is also the Pavillion restaurant, which serves lighter Mediterranean dishes. With a view of the Arabian thoroughbreds, you can enjoy a delicious cuisine here.

Selman Marrakech

Km 5, Route D’Amizmiz



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