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The best wellness Resorts in the world: Daintree Eco Lodge & SPA

It will probably not surprise you when I tell you that we are completely astonished by everything that has to do with wellness & Spas. Time to write a blog article which clearly puts our passion for this purest form of relaxation in the spotlight. We start with what we believe and what our friends, acquaintances and guests of our website believe are the best wellness resorts in the world. Our list is of course subjective and if you believe we have missed some resorts in this list, feel free to share them through the comments. Sharing is caring and we are already looking forward to discover new Wellness pearls.

Just 90 minutes north of the Australian Port Douglas you will find what is known as the most pampering and soothing ecolodge in the world. A paradise situated in the oldest rain forest of the world with 15 unique and comfortable tree huts and a touch of Aboriginal culture awaiting you. The Daintree Eco Lodge is the ideal base to discover the tropical North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and of course the surrounding rain forest, while enjoying the best spa treatments and gastronomic delights. Full harmony with nature, nurturing wellness and with respect to the culture… The award-winning Daintree Eco Lodge feels very strongly about these values.

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa Rooms

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa Rooms

Daintree Eco Lodge & SPA: one of a kind location and accommodation

The Daintree Eco Lodge does not only have a one of a kind location, but also stunning and unique accommodation. 15 Peaceful rain forest bayans (cottages) are hidden in the dense foliage of the oldest rain forest in the world. The motto “One with nature” could have its true origins here. Guests can choose from one of the 5 Lagoon bayans overlooking a lilies-covered forest lagoon and the enchanting restaurant or one of the 10 rain forest Spa Bayans that offer the rain forest as a panorama and have a private Jacuzzi on the balcony. Despite the wilderness location you can even enjoy WiFi in some of the bayans, air-conditioning, a mini-bar, an equipped bathroom and much more so yo can relax with all necessary comfort and luxury. As if you are bathing in natural luxury!

Wawu-Barrba: Healing the Soul

Not only the Eco Lodge itself but also the Daintree Wellness Spa has received international fame and recognition. You will discover a very new and extremely relaxing world as you immerse yourself in the pleasures of unique and by the Aboriginals inspired massages and spa’s where contact with earth and nature form the basic wellness philosophy. The Aboriginal tribes that have been linked to the rain forest for centuries, call this Daintree location ‘ Wawu-Barrba ‘ or ‘healing the soul’. It is the place where the spiritual ancestors of the Kuku Yalanji tribe have their home. The ideal place to completely relax thanks to one of the many treatments with names such as Julma, Wawu Bubu and Julaymba Madjanga, while chirping birds and the natural Daintree sounds surround you.

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa Wellness

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa Wellness

In harmony with the Aboriginal culture

The Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa are very important for the local Aboriginal culture. Once these grounds were owned by the ancestors of the Kuku Yalanji tribe and they were used as a resting place because of the fresh spring water, the abundance of medicinal herbs and plants and the beautiful fauna and flora on the banks of the Daintree River. The people of the Eco Lodge want to preserve and respect the importance of this place and are therefore living in a peaceful harmony with the local Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal population. This results in a unique collaboration and mutual respect, a philosophy which the owners also try pass on to the visitors of the Lodge. As a guest of the Lodge, under the guidance of real Aboriginal guides, you can take a walk through the rain forest and find out more about the rain forest, but also about the Aboriginal customs and traditions. In addition, there are also interactive Aboriginal workshops that let you come into contact with Aboriginal art and culture and you can even choose to give your wedding a Aboriginal touch. Always with respect to the culture, nature and the fascinating world of the aboriginals.

Daintree Eco Lodge & SPA

Mossman – Daintree Road 20

Mossman Queensland 4873


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