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Weed cultivation outdoors

During our summer period we certainly have the ideal conditions to cultivate weed plants outdoors. So cultivating weed plants outdoors should for sure be considered as one of the possible cultivation options. Therefore we decided to dedicate a separate chapter to this part of weed cultivation. We will try to answer specific questions like when to start, potting soil or ground soil, …

Cultivating weed in a flowerpot in your garden or on the balcony

The major advantage of using a flowerpot to cultivate your weed plant outdoors is the mobility aspect. Using a flowerpot will allow you to choose the ideal location for your weed plant. Follow the sun is the best advice you can get to cultivate weed plants. It will besides also allow you to move or hide the plant when expecting specific visitors. Another big advantage which should not be ignored is the ability to determine the size of your weed plant. A small pot will produce a small plant, a large pot a large plant.

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Which seeds should be used for cultivating weed plants outdoors?

Good outdoor weed plants have specific characteristics. In fact you will be able to determine yourself which weed plant you would like to cultivate outdoors as each and every weed seed is able to grow outdoors. Plants are made to grow outdoors and not indoors. In all fairness I believe we do have to admit we try to copy the outdoor characteristics when cultivating indoors. Of course we have to keep in mind the climate differences between a southern summer and a northern summer. Keeping this into account not all weed seeds or plants are as suitable to cultivate outdoors, mainly because of our high humidity level. When looking for a suitable weed plant to cultivate outdoors you should look for following characteristics:

  • A strong weed plant
  • A fungus resistant plant
  • A plant that is immune to a humid environment to avoid rotting

When you weed seeds or weed plants meet the above conditions they will be suitable for outdoor cultivation.

When to start cultivating weed plants outdoors?

You can start cultivating weed plants outdoors when the frosty weather season is over. Ideally this should be around the beginning of May. Young weed plants are non-resistant against night frost. Since cultivating weed plants outdoors might involve frosty temperatures, this should be taken into account. Night frost might be fatal for a young weed plant.

Should I use rain water or tap water to water my weed plants?

Preferably rain water is used to water weed plants. Rain water has the highest purity degree en contains more nutriments than tap water. Moreover tap water has an extreme high PH value. Try to collect as much rain water as possible and water the weed plants with this water. Rain water is the perfect liquid for your weed plant.

What are the disadvantages and points of attention when cultivating outdoors?

When cultivating outdoors, the so-called guerrilla cultivation, you will be confronted with an intolerant and whimsical environment. An environment for your weed plant that is difficult to protect. Possible dangers are a large range of animals and insects that are crazy about your plant. Also snails and even deer may ruin your weed plants. Last but not least you wouldn’t want a passer-by to discover and harvest your weed plant. So cultivating outdoors holds many dangers.

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Where to plant your weed plants?

Look for a sun-drenched location. Avoid locations with an abundant amount of shadow and choose your sunspots very carefully. Also avoid moss-covered locations as they might indicate a place with an extreme high humidity level. Choosing for this location will automatically cause future issues when the weed plant starts growing or flowering.

Cultivating weed plants outdoors in ground soil

What should you take into account when cultivating weed plants in ground soil? When cultivating your weed plants outdoors the first concern is looking for the ideal location, avoid shady spots. A weed plant planted in ground soil also needs regular feeding. A kitchen garden is often very fertile and contains various vital substances while free nature soil is often of a poorer quality. Planting a weed plant in ground soil, depending on the type of weed plant, the plant can reach heights of 3 metres and more.

Which soil is ideal for outdoor weed?

When cultivating your weed plant in a flowerpot you can use normal potting compost or buy special soil with nutriments in a growshop. When choosing for guerrilla cultivation, either in a forest or somewhere else in nature, it is of vital importance to choose the ideal subsoil. First of all it is important to choose loose soil, free of texture, threaded down soil can cause problems for the growth of the roots. Nettles indicate the ideal PH value for weed plants.

Which are the advantages of cultivating your weed plants in free nature?

When cultivating in free nature, using the hints and tips we have informed you about on our website, you can grow huge bushes and consequently also large amounts of weed flowers. When police would discover your weed plantation the chance of getting caught is very small. Choosing for guerrilla cultivation allows you to start a large-scale weed plantation.

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